Sialkot Surgical Instruments

Written on:February 6, 2012
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History – Surgical Instruments:

The industry of surgical instruments or tools are developed in 1940s in the area of Sialkot, this sector produce a wide range of surgical, medical and veterinary instruments and exports around 85% to 90% of its total production, with the time being Pakistan has learned the new technology and driven with more advance techniques and manufacturing the highest/best quality of surgical equipments which exporting to over 145 countries of the world.


Quick View of Surgical Instruments Industry:

Total number of units Approx. 1600
Installed Capacity 220 Million Pieces
Total Capital Investment Around Rs. 14.0 billion
No. of worker 110,000-160,000 Approx.
No. of people involved (Direct/indirect) Near 400,000-500,000
Export Around US $ 190.07 Million  
World market of surgical instrument (2012) US $ 75.15 billion Approx
Production 130 million Nos.
Source of Machinery Germany, UK, USA, China and Japan etc.

Variety of Instruments being manufactured:

Instruments Industry of Pakistan manufacturing the best quality instruments for medical and surgical purpose by performing the specialized work, producing the instruments according to international standards or specifications and fulfilling each country requirements like American, British and German etc.

The development countries of USA and Europe are the major buyers of Pakistani surgical instruments or tools. Following are the wide ranges of medical/surgical area, the instruments are being manufactured:

- Anesthesia
- Vaccination Instruments
- General Instruments
- Suture
- Diagnostic Instruments
- Plaster Instruments
- Oral Instruments
- Bone Surgery
- Neurology Instruments
- Lung Surgery Instruments
- Dermatology
- Rhino logy Instruments
- Ophthalmology
- Otology
- Tonsil Instruments
- Sterilization
- Urology Instruments
- Gynecology Instruments
- Obstetrics
- Tracheotomy
- Cardiovascular
- Intestinal & Stomach Rectum Instruments

Manufacturing Standards:

To meet the international requirements, surgical instruments manufacturers must follow the international manufacturing standards in compliance with WHO standards. Therefore more than three hundreds (300) companies have ISO-9002 certifications similar as around 250 companies are having certification of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Sialkot Material Testing Laboratory (SIMTEL):

In the year of 2000, there is a material testing laboratory was build in Sialkot, named Sialkot Material Testing Laboratory assisted by UNIDO, containing three Laboratories:

- Spectro Lab
- Metallographic Lab
- Chemical Testing Lab

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