Surgical Forceps

Written on:March 9, 2012
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The Forceps derived from Latin word Forca means trap or snare, forceps are being used everywhere in medical industry and utilizing for plucking, lifting and grasping, its also used for as tongs, tweezers, clips and clamps etc in outside of the medical industry but surgical forceps are more known in medical or surgical field.

What are Surgical Forceps?
These are instruments along with two pincers and handle for grasping. Functionally surgical forceps utilize to apply the pressure.

Forceps Materials
Surgical forceps are made by high grade stainless steel, titanium and carbon steel. Titanium surgical forceps which called very light in weight but very strong. There are low quality steel used to make surgical forceps but not for medical applications, as well as some are disposable surgical forceps made by plastic, once used then discarded.

Uses and Importance of Surgical Forceps
Forceps are used for variety of purposes such as follows:
- To grip tissue, blood vessels and walls of organs.
- Surgical forceps can manipulate delicate tissues with very less trauma in the affected area.
- To grasp suture needles without causing damage.
- They are resistant to damage when used to remove a suture needle.
- Forceps assist in the delivery of a baby etc.

Types of Forceps
Two are the main types of Forceps, mentioned below:

Locking forceps: These types of forceps are position in the middle and used to lock the grasping surfaces in a closed position to help in operation or hold the object.
Non-locking forceps: Also called thumb forceps, or pickups and available in two forms, hinged at one end, away from the grasping end and hinged in the middle.

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